1. stockers

    International Steam Locomotives 2019

    A listing of all known steam locos in the world
  2. SDJR7F88

    How to Prepare a Live Steam Locomotive - Video

    A little video I done for my YouTube Channel, as I had a few people ask how I prepare my Live Steam Locomotives. A short tutorial on How to Prepare a Live Steam Locomotive for operation on your Garden Railway. The Model Featured in this video is an Accucraft "Caradoc" 0-4-0T (Fitted with Radio...
  3. stockers

    Modern freight on the Harz, using rollblock trucks.

    Filmed last year, this video shows the collection of stone from the quarries near Eisfelder using standard gauge hoppers on rollblocks.
  4. T


    I wonder whether I might alert members to the imminent availability of these popular locomotives before I list on Ebay.. I have managed to source another small batch of Bachmann "Lyn" Steam Locomotives. The last consignment sold out very quickly and several customers were disappointed...
  5. Tony Hunter

    The NBB & The NBB Work Shop

    No.2 crosses the viaduct Moring all, Earlier yesterday, I mentioned about my friends G Scale Garden Railway, which has a temporary name of The NBB (I forget what it stands for, but I'll be creating a new logo & name for him by his request). His network is based in the era of Early 1950's...