radio control

  1. Underside-donor.jpg


    Underside of donor wagon
  2. Speaker-outlet.jpg


    Underside cut out and drilled for the speaker
  3. Rx-and-MLS.jpg


    The receiver and My Loco Sound in position
  4. Power-switch.jpg


    Power switch and charging point
  5. Inside-donor.jpg


    Inside the donor wagon before commenced
  6. Donor-wagon.jpg


    The donor wagon
  7. Bench-test.jpg


    Components on the bench pre-testing
  8. Battery-and-Speaker.jpg


    LiPo 3c battery and speaker in place
  9. ge_rik

    Loco No. gets auto station stop with Deltang Rx65b receiver

    Been on my list of ToDos for ages. Finally got around to programming the Deltang Rx65b in my Peckett(ish) loco so it will stop at each station automatically when I fancy just letting it run around on its own (eg when we're entertaining visitors or when I'm doing a bit of gardening). Not written...
  10. David Palmeter

    Trains and Cars

    Very old timer but new here. Hi! My life long passions have been cars and trains and I am laying plans for an indoor 1:24 scale layout with operating versions of both. My outdoor G Scale railroad has been a real treat for almost 10 years but a bad back and other problems make indoors more...
  11. ge_rik

    LGB Stainzes converted to battery power

    Having previously converted my Stainz to battery power and radio control using a trail car, I've now re-converted her so that the batteries and receiver are housed in the cab. This means she is now more versatile and can engage in shunting manoeuvres and run round her train when she reaches the...
  12. Tony Hunter

    RC | How is it done?

    Morning everyone, My name is Tony & I'm new here & im also new to G scale. My friend is scratch building a G scale inspection vehicle & would ideally like to have it RC controled (unlike his other models which are track powered), but finding away to have it RC is becoming difficult, as our...