1. Otto on the hill.jpg

    Otto on the hill.jpg

    Otto poses on the hill, last run of 2019
  2. Otto-Socket.jpg


    Otto's new socket
  3. On-Test.jpg


    The wagon and Otto are tested
  4. In the Station 2

    In the Station 2

    Otto and Stainz pass in the station
  5. In the Station 1

    In the Station 1

    Otto and Stainz pass in the station
  6. Otto 4

    Otto 4

    Otto over the tunnel
  7. Otto3


    Otto emerging from tunnel
  8. Otto 2

    Otto 2

    Otto moving out of the station
  9. Otto 1

    Otto 1

    Otto at rest with the new station
  10. Otto-on-tour.jpg


    Otto on tour, last day of the year
  11. SDJR7F88

    LGB Running Session on the B&BLR

    A short running session feature my current LGB fleet on the Blagdon & Butcombe Light Railway (B&BLR), G Scale Garden Railway. Models Featured; LGB - Otto 0-4-0T, No.1 LGB - Stainz 0-4-0T, No.2 LGB - Stainz 0-4-0T, No.3 LGB - Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0T LGB - Feldbahn Narrow Gauge Diesel Hope you...