1. andyspencer

    Fosworks with Massoth Smoke

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has any experience with using Fosworks Tx 4/ Rx-24 battery DCC system and got it connected to a Massoth pulsed smoke unit? Current issue is I'm unable to turn the smoke off via the transmitter. I've confirmed the smoker is set as address 3, has analogue turned...
  2. R

    New guy here, and in need of help

    To make a short story long, I've been running G-scale trains on my brother's layout (Lone Pine and Western Railroad) for a few years, every time he needs some help to show it off (yearly open house). Then I got a wild idea and decided it would be nice to have my own engine (his stuff is all...
  3. J

    Blocking with Current-sensing Train Detection

    I'm looking into use of the Massoth Train Detection Modules with a new layout and considering my options. Initially I want to make sure that I install sufficient cabling or conduits for future implementation but ultimately use the modules to influence signalling for a degree of operational...
  4. andyspencer

    Massoth Digital Light bars on CS3 MFX

    Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has used any of the Massoth Digital lighting units and run them on the CS3 system with MFX enabled on the track? On the setup I'm currently playing with, the coach lighting seems to flash in a regular random pattern when the lights are switched off... I can...
  5. andyspencer

    Tuning a Massoth LS and L to run together

    Hi all, current little issue I've got - trying to get a Massoth L and LS decoder to run together. They both have the same speed curve settings and start voltages etc, but the L wants to pull away slightly before the LS and the LS doesn't want to stop as quickly. Am I missing something silly...
  6. John S

    DCC, DIY & Stay Alive Voltage Buffers 2018-06-09

    For DCC Stay Alive Voltage Buffers, Massoth and a DIY version, connections to LGB decoders, etc.
  7. D

    Which DCC control system

    I'm a new member on this forum, but I have been busy reading up on DCC. I have been modelling OO for over 50 years and have always used analogue control, I actually quite enjoy the wiring 'challenge'. I am venturing into G scale, and got some track and an Aristocraft analogue controller a few...
  8. M

    Do we need Massoth Documentation

    I was wondering how many other Massoth users are frustrated by the lack of truly Anglesiced manuals there are from Massoth considering their markets include many English speaking countries, Where a manual has been translated to English, it seems they forget to put English screen shots into the...
  9. Administrator

    Steam Fluid

    So finally getting back into the railway after the house move, and just managed to get the Massoth pulsed some generator linked to an XLS in a steam locomotive. Is really good but bored of the white smoke, what are other people using for best quantity and darker smoke? Paul
  10. stockers

    Massoth Configuration Manual

    Massoth have split there decoder manual into two pieces. An installation manual for each decoder and a general configuration manual which covers all of the current eMotion decoders. I don't know when this change was made but the new manual is a bit more informative than the old one. Still a...
  11. T

    Massoth Xls Wiring Help

    Hello, I have a Piko G BR218 with a Massoth XLS sound decoder and speaker. My question surrounds wiring the lighting. The loco has two headlights and two red-lights on each cab end. I am wondering on the decoder what terminals these need to connect to. Coming out of the XLS are a light rear...
  12. Graham

    Massothdigimax Switch Decoder 81560001

    Trying to decode on the Massoth switch decoder (pardon the pun) am I correct in understanding that I can operate 3 sets of points via DCC and at the same time utilise the K1/K2 common inputs etc to connect a switch to control the points?
  13. muns

    Dummies Guide To Massoth Dcc - Suggestions For Topics

    Someone mentioned (Dave I think) on the Massoth & DCC point control thread that they would like a "Dummies guide" or "for dummies" type document/threads (or similar) in using their Massoth DCC system. Now I am not saying I will create any (I may) but it would be good to have a list of topics...
  14. PhilP

    Xls - Problems With Sounds From Function Keys

    All, Have just fitted XLS decoders to two Forney loco's.. Identical (or should be!). One is fine, the other has a strange effect on a Massoth CS. - It is fine on my Digitrax unit. The motor, and light, functions are fine. Sounds when running are OK. It is only when the effects (whistle etc.)...
  15. duncan1_9_8_4

    Massoth & Dcc Point Control

    Afternoon. Now that my dads debacle with the Massoth Central Station is over and sorted, we would like to start the process of controlling the Point work by DCC/Massoth Navigator. The equipment we have at the moment is; Massoth Central Station, Massoth DC Transformer/Power Supply, Massoth...