1. T

    TRACK- 45MM

    353 feet of boxed (rough boxes, but unused/new track) and unused loose track in like new condition. Included are a 20 ft. circle (boxed), 4 boxes of 3 ft., 2 boxes of 5 ft., and 30 pieces of unboxed 3 ft., 4 ft., and 5 ft track. almost all track is Aristocraft. Price: $900 for all, FOB...
  2. Pic of the Day 24.02.18

    Pic of the Day 24.02.18

    B&W rendering, just to ring the changes, of an Aristocraft BR Class 66 on the G Scale Society publicity stand at the Association of Large Scale Railway Modellers Exhibition, Reading, Berkshire, 9.5.2009 David David Goldsworthy CME The Claptowte Railway Edit Delete Report Tweet this post Re
  3. D

    Best replacement for Aristocraft track

    I'm a new member on this forum, and would like some advide on track manufacturers. I know there are lots of threads on this and lots of opinions. I got some Aristocraft track (Brass european) and a few years ago to experiment, and now I'm looking to get on and build an outdoor layout. Started...
  4. Imagination Station Kids

    BNSF Kids Freight Train Video With M1A1 Tank Load

    Hi folks, :) A group of local G scale kids got together to make a video for You Tube of a freight train with a military tank load on one car. This video was a test in patients and tolerance as the kids learned that when you film a video, a host of catastrophic things can go wrong and force you...
  5. idlemarvel

    Wanted Aristo Craft 29351 Motor Block

    This is for a Critter which had a broken axle which I fixed but has broken again. I know there are several on ebay but all from US which with postage and customs are £90+. Hoping to find one in UK.
  6. D

    Aristocraft Class 66s

    There is currently a group of Aristocraft Class 66s on Ebay, I just bought 3! They are easy to find and are disappearing fast.
  7. Imagination Station Kids

    Imagination Station Kids On Track Interactive Model Train Programs

    Imagination Station Kids on Track is a G and HO scale model railroad and train safety program out of E. Helena, Montana. We set up model railroad displays with interactive activities and train operations for children and their families across the west coast and Northwest areas at no cost to...
  8. E

    Aristo SD45

    Hello Can any one tell me the minimum radius the Aristcraft SD45 will run through? Bill
  9. Hutch

    AristoCraft 0-4-0 Switcher, New Style

    Received my new style AristoCraft 0-4-0 Switcher Wednesday. Still looks just like the old one, very American. After a couple of days of operation I think it is a vast improvement over the original. The new style drive train in the locomotive allows low speed operation that the original would...